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Before you think about going it alone...
...this is another reason why you shouldn't.

Allstate Insurance Company has created a clever system to decrease auto claim costs. Its representatives contact and negotiate directly with the people injured in accidents with Allstate policyholders. Claims workers seem to be improperly influencing consumers to accept less than full recovery for their injuries and also improperly persuading them to surrender their right to counsel.

Several States have taken action against Allstate for this seeming conflict of interest in representing both sides in an adversarial situation and having their claims representatives practice law in an unauthorized manner.

Regardless of the type of accident you have, it is almost certain that you will need an attorney in order to receive fair treatment. Insurance companies are businesses with the profitable goal of saving themselves money, and they make their settlement decisions with their own financial goals in mind. The adjusters are employees of the insurance companies, and they will always act in their employer’s best interest, and NOT in the interest of the person who suffered the personal injury. With an experience attorney at Jeffrey M. Byrd, P.A., you can know the value of your claim and you will have someone in your corner that can legally fight for everything that you deserve.

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