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Below are the answers to a few of the questions we hear most often. To find answers to questions more specific to your type of case, please contact us.
How does Jeffrey M. Byrd, P.A. get paid?  
Our legal fees come from a percentage of the total amount we recover for you. The percentage varies depending upon the type of case. In some instances, the insurance company may be responsible for some or all of your legal fees in addition to paying you.

  Will I be responsible for anything if we lose?  
  Of course, no one ever likes to lose. As aggressive attorneys, we fight for you to win. However, if we are unsuccessful in prosecuting your case, you will not be responsible for any of the costs incurred. You only become responsible for the costs that we advanced if we win your case.

How much will it cost to prosecute the case?  
Costs can significantly vary depending upon the complexity of the case. In most cases, costs range from $5,000.00 to $10,000.00. However, for those more complex cases, costs can exceed $75,000.00! These costs are advanced by Jeffrey M. Byrd, P.A. and are not recouped unless we obtain a recovery for you.

During my free consultation, will I meet with an Attorney?  
Yes! Unlike many law firms, your free consultation at Jeffrey M. Byrd, P.A. is always with an attorney and not with a paralegal or case manager. During your consultation, our trained aggressive attorneys will evaluate your case and give you good legal advice.

How long will my case take?  
Generally, most cases should not be settled until after you have reached what is known as Maximum Medical Improvement, or MMI. This determination is made by your treating physicians and not your attorney. MMI is that point in your treatment when your physician believes you have reached a plateau in the healing process, and he expects you will not improve with further medical treatment. Therefore, it could take anywhere from 4 months to several years depending upon the severity of the injuries, complexity of the case, and the amount of litigation involved before your case is resolved.

How much is my case worth?  
There is no scientific method or formula to determine the value of your case. The value of your case depends upon numerous factors such as the severity of your injuries; past, present, and future medical needs; lost wages; etc. After we obtain all the necessary evidence to prove your case and after you have reached MMI, we will negotiate with the insurance company to settle your case. We will advise you of all settlement offers made by the insurance company to settle your case.

What is a mediation?  
A mediation is a conference that takes place prior to trial. The parties appear with their lawyers before an impartial mediator. The role of the mediator is to try to get the parties to reach a settlement. If the parties do not reach a settlement agreement, the case then proceeds to trial.

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